Requirements to install a septic tank

install a septic tank installation of a septic tank is done by an authorised person and no other person. Septic tanks must adhere to the recent standards of CSA-B66-M90 and these are publicized by Canadian Standards Association or should fulfil the requirements of General Technical Guidelines having NSDOEL authorization.
Requirements to install a septic tank

Installation of a septic tank

  1. Burial depth is decided according to the size of the septic tank.
  2. The bottom of the Burial depth should be covered with a good bedding material like sand and its height should be 150mm. The installer of septic tank should ensure that the bedding material is proper and proper bed is made for the bottom of the septic tank.
  3. Height of the ground water for different seasons should also be taken into concern and it should not exceed the permitted level for the given septic tank.
  4. The buried area should be according to the septic tank with an addition of 300mm so that the slings that are used to place the septic tank can be removed and pulled easily without displacing the tank.
  5. If the septic tank has compartments then, it is important to note that the joints between them are sealed properly, if there is any damage it should be repaired according to the extent of the damage. Highly damaged septic tanks are not accepted. Minor damages are treated with hydraulic cement.
  6. Use the sealant tape and it should be stored properly in a heated chamber. Put the sealant tape on the joints or groove if present.
  7. If there is water present in the buried area, pump it out or else the septic tank may float.
  8. With the aid of slings, elevate the septic tank and place it in the excavation. Do not remove the sling immediately, check the placement of the septic tank, make the necessary adjustments if needed.
  9. After placing the septic tank properly, inspection is done then, backfilling is the next step. Here, the material used for backfilling should be of appropriate size. Size of material used for backfilling should not exceed 100mm. Objects used for backfilling on the top of septic tank should not be greater than 100mm.
  10. Hand compaction is used along the sides of septic tank as it is nor made according to machine compaction.
  11. Driving over the septic tank is inhibited as septic tank cannot support vehicles or anything larger than the lawn tractor.

There are other requirements as well. If a septic tank isn’t working then, inspection is to be done. commercial sewer cleaning co Commercial sewer cleaning, CO is also an expert, you can seek their services whenever required. Septic that are used in restaurants need to be treat or remove grease so, you can seek commercial grease trap service commercial grease traps service in that case.

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